Apply to The Advancing Development Goals Contest in Geneva

Apply for The Geneva Challenge 2018 and Get the Prize.

Are you a master student eager to stimulate reflection and innovation on development? You can apply to the Advancing Development Goals contest that awards 5 prizes in value of CHF 25000 totally.

Students from All universities in the world located in the following continents such as, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania and South America can apply to this contest. Each of the prize is allocated to one of the continent.

Details of the contest

Name of the Contest: Advancing development Goals Contest

Location: Geneva

Deadline for the registration: April 16, 2018

Submission deadline: August 20, 2018

Number of Prize: 5

Benefits and Awards:

The ADG contest covers all expenses related to the travelling and accommodation in Geneva. The contest has allocated the amount of CHF 25000 for distributing to award winners as the following groups :

  • CHF 10000 for the winning project
  •  10000 CHF for the two teams in 2nd place 5000 CHF for each of the team
  • CHF 5000 for the two teams in third positions. Each of the team will get 2500 CHF

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Who can apply to ADG

All applicants of participation in ADG contest must adhere the following criteria such as:

  • Be enrolled in a master program
  • Gather a team of 3 to 5 people the same university or different universities across the globe.
  • Have enrollment certificate


How to apply

You can apply online. Register your team of 3 to 5 people before April 16, 2016, and prepare your proposal in 4 months then submit it by August 20, 2018. Your proposal must not be more 8000 words and should include all the note, graphics and etc. Submit your proposal to the email: Please note that at the time of registration, you need to have your enrollment certificate of the university you are currently studying.

Process of the selection and evaluation

After the submission of your proposal and its evaluation, the five winning team are invited to present their presentation in Geneva. They are presenting and defending their ideas, answering the questions.  For more information on the rules and regulation of this contest you can visit the official website of the Contest.

Apply Online   Official ADG contest Website

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