Apply for Future Global Leaders Fellowship 2018

Applications are open for Future Global Leaders (FGL) Fellowship. If you are a first-year university student with high academic excellence and resilience, you can apply for this great opportunity provided in FGL Fellowship. This fellowship starts with a 20 days training concentrated on leadership and how to overcome extreme physical and mental challenges.  After completion of the Future Global Leaders Fellowship you will be inducted to the Fortis Society- the world’s  1st private network of diverse leaders committed to making a better world and one another’s success- to be connected with the future leaders.


Deadline: January 31, 2018

Location: US

Program start: Early August


  • Mentorship: 3 years mentoring by FGL fellows.
  • Leadership training: FGL provides a 20 day field based leadership training teaching technical outdoor skills in wilderness.
  • Internship opportunity in Large companies such as: Google, Goldman Sachs, US embassies, UN , Facebook and etc.
  • Lifetime Fortis Society membership


You must be first-year university students and meet the following requirements:

  • First generation of a family who follow higher education or you are low income university student.
  • demonstrate academic excellence through school and current school year.
  • proven leadership skills in your school or community.

Application Process:

You should download the Honor Pledge, application form, Resume template

Fill them and apply online

Apply online

For more information please visit the Future Global Leaders Website