Apply to UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2018

If you are working to promote literacy and skills development, and have an innovative idea or project in the field of literacy, you can apply to the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes. UNESCO is accepting applications and nomination for its 2018 literacy prizes.


This prize has be awarded since 1967.  Over 485 projects and programmes have recognized that are undertaken by governments, NGOs, individuals.

Prize application details:

Deadline for the nomination: June 5, 2018 (12:00 am Paris time)

Nomination deadline for nominating entities: June 17, 2018

Selection: September 7, 2018 (international literacy day)

In the years 2018 UNESCO will offer two types of prizes for literacy practices:

  1. The UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize:
  • Focus on mother tongue literacy and education training and development.
  • Supported by The Korean government
  • Established in 1989
  • Number of award: 2
  1. The UNESCO Confucius Prize for literacy:
    • Focuses on adult literacy promotion particularly in rural and country areas, out of school youth, girls and women,
    • Supported by the government of China
    • Established in 2005

Number awards: 5

Award value and benefits:

Each award contains:

  • A medal
  • 20,000 US Dollars
  • A diploma

Who is eligible to apply or nominate?

The following categories can participate in the UNESCO literacy award:

  • NGOs,
  • Governments
  • Individuals

Projects/program selection


The projects must meet the following criteria to be considered as an eligible project for UNESCO international Literacy award:

  • The project or program must be relevant to literacy and areas focused by the prize
  • Be relevant to individuals and the social needs and have high quality design, structure, management and other factors that the effects the process and impact of the project
  • Have high quality of teaching and learning
  • The impact of the project is another criteria for the selection. The more positive effect the project will have, the more desired the project will be.
  • Innovation:
  • Sustainability

Furthermore, the projects must be effective and be ongoing for at least 3 years and have not been awarded the this prize in the last 5 years

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How to apply

There are two ways to apply for this prize:

  1. Applicants can submit their application or nomination to the entities such as National Commission for UNESCO in the country or a UNESCO partner organization.
  2. Applicants can submit their application online.

Online Application     PRIZE LINK

Any relevant question can be asked by contacting