Global Student Challenge-

Global Student Challenge 2018 by Fresh Connection

About the Global Student Challenge

If you are a team (formed from 4 students of a university) willing to fill the gap between your education and employment and seeking to get professional training and career opportunities  you can apply to Global Students Challenge with your university team. Global students Challenge is an international competition among different teams from around the world to gain knowledge and experience in corporate world. they pitch and compete in a search for top talent Supply Chain Management.

This competition is run your virtual company and work with your team on the management of a bunkrupted company to make it create revenues again. You will work on a simulation of your company.


Deadline: December 31, 2017

Global Final week time: April 2018


The challenge provides you:

  • $20,000 cash prize
  • Travel to get new experiences.
  • Official Certificates for top teams.
  • International networking: You can network with the students and teachers from different part of the world.
  • Free professional training to bridge the theory and practical application in real life. you will get this in running your virtual company called “fresh connection”.
  • Job and internship opportunity: This challenge provide you a talent connection opportunity to connect with the companies to find your best job or internship.


In order to be eligible your team must be formed from 4 student members and an endorsing teacher from the same institutions. The four students must be full-time students in any degree and participate to all parts of this competition.

How to Apply:

You can apply online considering the following points:

  • Read the How to guide file provided on the website.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 
  • Provide your university email address (two email address is required.)
  • apply online by going to registration form, verify your email and get the login details
  • Each students should apply once only

Apply Online 

For further information Please visit the Global Student Challenge website.