37 positions in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has announced 37 positions in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan. The announced positions are grade 3 and 4.

Job details:

Organization: ministry of Information and communication technology

Number of jobs: 37

Job grade: 3 and 4

Location: Kabul and province ( 22 positions in Kabul , 15 positions in provinces)

Job lists:

List of grade 3 and 4 jobs in central offices of MICT.

  1. Minister secretary in directorate office of minster : Position grade 3
  2. Technical deputy secretary: Position grade 4
  3. General manager of editorials
  4. Universal Post Union (UPU) expert in the directorate of plan and policy
  5. APPU (regional pot union) expert in the directorate of plan and policy
  6. International telecommunication union (ITU) expert
  7. APT expert
  8. GAG, ICANN union expert
  9. Monitoring engineer of telecommunication networks
  10. Monitoring and evaluation expert
  11. Monitoring engineer in construction field
  12. Engineer of construction monitoring
  13. Engineer of construction projects evaluation
  14. Software and system expert
  15. Network and data security expert

Directorate of technology and innovation

  1. Security expert of network and data
  2. General manager of cyber awareness

Directorate of information system security

  1. PKI expert

Planning and organization directorate

  1. General manager of planning and organization

Directorate of monitoring and evaluation

  1. Professional member of projects monitoring
  2. Project monitoring professional member

Directorate of ICT

  1. Manager of scientific magazine

Check 15 positions list in provinces HERE


How to apply

Applicants can apply following the steps below:

  • Go to MICT website and read the desired position job description and eligibility
  • Download and fill the application form
  • Send the completed application form along with the required documents to the submission emails below:

Hr.directorate@mcit.gov.af  and cc to   csc.moc@iarcsc.gov.af

Download the application form

You can apply via IARCSC website as well. Please note that you can only apply via one of the above mentioned way (online or via email)

For more information please visit the ministry of Communication and information technology