72 Job Opportuniteis in ministry of higher education

Ministry of Higher education

72 administrative positions in ministry of higher education announcement by Electronic recruitment system of Independent Administration Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC)

Afghanistan ministry of higher education is recruiting 72 employees for different administrative positions. The list of the positions are linked below.


Organization: Ministry of higher education

Number of jobs: 72

Locations: Kabul and other provinces

Deadline: Monday, May 7, 2018 (17/2/1397)

Application process

Applicants who wants apply can apply online. Applicants who cannot apply online can download the application from and send it to the submission emails written on the application form and below. Please note that apply only in one of the option mentioned above. Not considering it will result in termination of your application.


Required documents: 

  • National Identity card (Tazkira )
  • Educational documents verified by the ministry of higher education
  • Work experience
  • Application form

Application form

List of Positions

Submission email:



Any questions regarding to these positions can be asked by phone call to IARCSC 0750688017 – 0750688019

Contact number of the ministry of higher education: 0202502914

For more information please visit the ministry of higher education in Afghanistan