MOHE announcement about Uzbekistan Scholarship

Ministry of Higher education Announcement about Uzbekistan Scholarship

Afghanistan ministry of higher education has published an announcement about Uzbekistan Scholarships indicating that Serkhan River Institute of Higher Education offers scholarship with 50% discount. According to scholarship high commission decision on 22nd hoot, 1396 these scholarship are announced on the following conditions:

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Conditions and Requirement

Those who are applying to Uzbekistan scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduated from High school in the years 1394-1396
  • The average grade points of the applicants must be at least 80 percent
  • Be concerned about the expenses covered by themselves

Fields of study:

  • Energy and Electric (Rail transportation engineering)
  • Transportation (Wagon )
  • Construction of building and structures ( Rail engineering)

Level of study: Bachelor

Interested candidates can get the application form from the ministry of higher education before 25- Hamal, 1397 ( April 14, 2018)

For more information please visit the website of the ministry of higher education