Participate in Energy Globe Awards 2017 in Iran

Participation is open to projects with focus on resource conservation, improving air and water quality, energy efficiency and renewable energies. but also projects that focus on the creation of awareness in these areas will be eligible to participate.

Award objective: The main aim of this award is to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and o demonstrate that for many environmental problems feasible solutions already exist.

Award Details and benefits:

Categories to receive award: Youth, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and “Sustainable Plastics”

Benefit: The Best projects are honored as a part of ceremony that will be broadcast worldwide and feature by international media.

Location: Tehran, Iran

Deadline: November 21, 2017

Who can participate:

Every individuals, companies, private or public institution, NGOs , etc can apply and submit a project with focusing on:

  • increasing energy efficiency
  • saving resources
  • improving air, soil, or water quality
  • using renewables,
  • contribution towards the fight against climate change.

Several projects can be submitted by single competitor.

Application and submission procedure

To apply for this award, please use project template and prepare your projects with the details:

  • brief project summary
  • informative images
  • half page description: initial project situation, projects goals, reason for getting involved, the scope of your project, costs, final results

Submit your project online HERE

for more information please visit the Energy Globe