9 Academic Jobs at Pro. Rabbani Education University

Job/Internship Shahid Rabbani Education University

Opportunity Description

Shahid Rabbani Education University is recruiting new lecturers ( Scientific Cadre) in the following positions for the first in the current year.


  • Faculty of Natural Science:
    • Chemistry department: 2 positions
    • Math Department: 1 position
    • Environment department: 1 position
  • Faculty of language and literature:
    • Dari department: 1 position
    • Turkish department: 1 position
  • Faculty of social science
    • Geography department: 1 position
  • Faculty of Islamic education
    • Feqh and belief department: 1 position
  • Faculty of Computer Science
    • Information of Technology department: 1 position

Who can apply?

Applicants who hold a Ph or Master’s degree can apply to the aforementioned positions.

How to apply?

Applicants can submit their application containing the required documents to related university between July 22- August 20, 2020 (1-30 Asad 1399 ).

Required document:

  • Copy of announcement from the website of the university or website of the ministry of higher education
  • original transcript
  • Copy of Tazkira (National ID card)

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