‘Thrive at Home during Coronavirus” Online Program (3 Courses) by Coventry University

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Opportunity Details

  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Duration 6 Weeks

Opportunity Description

Introduction to program

This program and its three courses are developed by Coventry University to help you thrive at home in these hard times and are completely free for you to join.

Through this program, you will find practical ways of coping while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, through these courses, you’ll learn how to keep a work-life balance whilst working remotely.

On the other hand, you’ll explore the concept of motivation and employee engagement and learn why it’s more pressing than ever to stay motivated in times of uncertainty and struggle. Also, you’ll also explore how to manage your mental health and stress in challenging times and why it’s vital to do so.

Program details:

Developer: Coventry University

Instruction language: English

Program Provider: Future Learn

Course type: Self-paced

Subjects: thriving at home and managing mental health and stress

Price: Free

Duration: 6 weeks recommended learning

Start date: Flexible

Course instructors: a number of Coventry University lecturers and experts.

Who can enroll?

Anyone interested and feeling the need for managing mental health, stress, and also in coping with the challenging time of COVID-19. Besides, this program is of significant importance to those who work from home during the pandemic.

Course content

What courses will it cover?

1st course: Work-Life Balance and Impact Of Remote Working

2nd course: Motivation AND Engagement in an Uncertain World

3rd course: Managing Mental Health and Stress

Course benefits

  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% online and free
  • Taught by expert academics

How to apply?

You can apply for this fascinating program by completing a registration in the given link.

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