292 Jobs at National Water Affairs Regulations Authority

Job/Internship National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA)

Opportunity Description

292 Jobs are available at National Water Affairs Regulations Authority (NWARA). The National Authority is going to going to recruit 292 new employees at 292 vacancies ranked (3, 4, and 5) at central offices.

Applicants should apply online to these positions. No hard application will be distributed in Kabul.

Location: Kabul

Number of Jobs: 292

Organization: National Water Affairs Regulations Authority (NWARA)

Deadline: Extended August 13, 2020


  1. the urban and semi-urban water supply officer at Directorate of irrigation and water supply
  2. Officer of communication and coordination of Rivers zones
  3. hydrogeology statistics officers at the director of underground water.
  4. plan officer at the directorate of water programs solidarity
  5. officer of underground water potentials at underground water directorate
  6. analysis and priority officer at solidarity directorate
  7. project procurement officer at solidarity directorate.
  8. planning and contracts facilitation officer
  9. Water policy formulation officer at water policy directorate
  10. property and machinery officer
  11. officer of flood and droughts prevention caused by climate change
  12. protection and maintenance officer of dams
  13. protection and maintenance officer of water supply and irrigation networks
  14. Design and survery officer of Canalization and water supply networks
  15. accounting officer at directorate of finance and administration
  16. private and public inclusion officer at general directorate of monitoring and policy planning
  17. dams safety officer
  18. information officer at solidarity directorate
  19. montioring and evaluation officer at water projects implementations – directorate of evaluation and monitoring
  20. water networks quality assurance officer
  21. research officer at water resources directorate
  22. programs coordination and solidarity officer
  23.  farms water regulation officer- water supply regulation directorate
  24. Dams quality assurance
  25. Electro-mechanic engineer
  26. Hydrogeological networks mending engineer at underground water directorate
  27. Hydro-electrical Quality assurance engineer
  28. Topography engineer
  29. Data collection engineer at underground water directorate
  30. Snow and ice coverage data collection engineer
  31. Panj Amo river zone Geophysics engineer
  32. North river zone Geophysics engineer
  33. Hariroad Morghab  river zone Geophysics engineer
  34. helmand river zone Geophysics engineer
  35. design engineer for reservoir dams
  36. geology engineer
  37. hydropower design engineer
  38. irrigation projects design engineer
  39. survey engineer at directorate of projects quality assurance
  40. networks designing engineer
  41. dams quality assurance engineer
  42. irrigation networks quality assurance engineer
  43. laboratory engineer
  44. engineer flood and drought accounting and repetition possibilities
  45. turbines mechanical engineering
  46. Hydrotechnical engineer
  47. Beach/seashore consolidation engineer
  48. Beach/seashore consolidation Monitoring engineering
  49. Canal programs solidarity and coordination engineer
  50. Communication engineer
  51. MIS engineer
  52. Planning and evaluation engineer for hydrology networks
  53. Engineer of Data writing and  sediments
  54. Snow data analysis engineer
  55. Lake data analysis engineer
  56. Equipment repairing engineer
  57. Data quality control and assurance engineer

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How to apply?

Applicants should apply to these positions online via the IARCSC website linked in apply to this opportunity button.

You may read the job description and other details at NWARA website https://nwara.gov.af/

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